Albums That Will Help You Get Through College

College can be tough but music helps. These are my top picks for when it gets tough.

1. Melophobia, Cage the Elephant:

This album is unreal. The stress of finals pushed me to listen to it and I’m so happy I did. If you think you’d like a mixture of gritty vocals and refined instrumentals, I highly recommend this album.

Favorite Track: ‘Telescope’

Least Favorite Track: ‘Teeth’

2. The Ride, Catfish and the Bottlemen:

This album has louder instrumentals than I would normally gravitate towards, but, something about it just sits right with me. My boyfriend introduced me to it and I could not stop listening for the month that followed. The choruses are so catchy, you’ll find yourself humming along to them for days afterwards. This is the perfect album to listen to during the long walk to college.

Favorite Track: ‘Twice’

Least Favorite Track: ‘Outside’

3. Channel Orange, Frank Ocean:

I know I am late to the Frank Ocean game, but better late than never, right? This is such a good album. I’m not massively invested in R&B as a genre. Obviously, I’m a fan of some of the classics (No Diggity, Waterfalls etc.), but it’s never been a favorite of mine. I think the reason I like this album so much, is because Frank Ocean puts a modern twist on a classic genre, which is so refreshing. Plus, ‘Lost’ is the quintessential shower song.

Favorite Track: ‘Forrest Gump’ or ‘Lost’ (I simply can’t pick one of the two)

Least Favorite Track: ‘Crack Rock’ (not including the intermissions)

4. How to Be a Human Being, Glass Animals:

This is a new discovery for me and I am obsessed. If I had to describe their sound to you, I would say “They’re like Alt-J, but you can actually understand what they’re saying.” The titles of their songs are a little ridiculous and so are their lyrics, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to listen to. This album is ideal to listen to while writing an essay or cleaning your room.

Favorite Track: ‘Season 2, Episode 3’

Least Favorite Track: ‘Agnes’

5. ÷, Ed Sheeran:

Ed Sheeran is one of the few mainstream artists that I truly appreciate. I have been impatiently anticipating this album since it was announced, and have been listening to it non-stop since it’s release. I know Ed Sheeran is not a lyrical genius and does not necessarily write about the most interesting topics, but I still love him and his music. His songs are just so simple and nice. I find that I can achieve maximum focus when I throw on any one of his albums. This one is no different.

Favorite Track: ‘New Man’ or ‘What Do I Know?’

Least Favorite Track: ‘Barcelona’


These aren’t albums, so they don’t fit in with the theme of this blog, but they’re still songs I have listened to constantly throughout college so I thought they were worth mentioning.

  1. ‘Ms. Jackson,’ Outkast
  2. ‘No Scrubs,’ TLC
  3. ‘The Less I Know the Better,’ Tame Impala
  4. ‘Worry,’ Jack Garratt
  5. ‘No Heart,’ 21 Savage

Thanks for reading!!

-Sinéad Murphy