Two girls’ misguided attempts at navigating their way to graduation.

Welcome to our blog! We are two students in our first year at The University of Limerick.

We wanted to share our experiences as first year students with you because we hope to help you avoid the many mistakes we’ve made so far. We also want to let you know that college isn’t always as bad as we might make it sound (we’re a bit dramatic), we have had our fair share of good experiences that we’d like to share with you too!


Hi everyone! My name is Jordan and I’m a student. (“Hi Jordan”). I’m 19 years old and from County Cork. I’m currently studying Journalism and New Media and love it so far. Having had many, many, many ups and downs in college so far I thought it would be good to try and document my college experiences. I hope to provide you all with a laugh as well as some useful advice.

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Hi guys! Thought I’d share a little bit about myself with you so I’m not a complete stranger.

My name is Sinéad and I’m actually originally from Arizona. I know you might be thinking I’m crazy to be leaving behind the warm weather to come to less-than-sunny Ireland but one of the reasons I actually wanted to leave Arizona was because the sun and I don’t particularly get along — considering that my parents are both Irish and I have the complexion of a ghost.

I spend my time berating companies on Twitter, playing Pokémon Go (I know it died months ago, I have a hard time letting go) and binge-watching Kitchen Nightmares. If you’re interested in learning more about how I spend my free (and not so free) time, stay tuned!